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Top Slots with Scatter Symbols Online

Here we present you a variant of your traditional slot machines that you may not have seen yet in the casino. These free online slots with Scatter symbols still have well-known characteristics such as line selection and betting, but they also introduce the scattered symbols feature we’re going to talk about now. The scattered symbols are akin to the wild card, as they can appear anywhere on the reels and substitute for other symbols to help you form new winning combinations, and of course, that means they can help you increase your winnings.

The famous magic symbol of the free spins bonus can also be present in these demo games, sometimes appearing as a separate feature and sometimes along with the scatter symbol to give you both the opportunity to make a substitution as well as rewarding you with a free spin. Isn’t it wonderful!? So, we are dealing here with a new way to continue your game and get more opportunities to win.

You can play slot machines with Scatter symbols, and we suggest all players try out this Russian style of game which surely you will like. Virtual flash games are available for free, without downloading and without registration, so why not try it today?

Scatter or scatter symbol is a kind of bonus for players of modern slot machines. Scatter may have different names in different casinos, but its main purpose does not change. In addition, it should be noted that there is no such thing as classic slots with three lines of scatters and free spins.

Depending on the slot machine scatter symbol can simultaneously appear on all reels of the slot or on some separate ones. Today, developers are trying to diversify the possibilities of the scatter, which allows attracting the attention of potential players.

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Possibilities of symbol

Among the most striking features that can offer players a scatter worth noting:

  • The loss of the symbol most often does not depend on the size of the bet;
  • In the event that the game is played on a limited number of lines, and the scatter falls on inactive lines, the player can still use the bonus;
  • As a rule, three scatter symbols are enough to get the bonus, but in some slots two is enough.

Most often, the use of a special scatter symbol is only possible on a slot with three or more lines.

The effect of scatter

Currently, there are several opposite opinions about whether hinder or help players scatter symbols. After all, unlike the beloved wild scatters do not replace other symbols, while they can fall almost anywhere on the playing field.

In fact, today there are several basic types of scatter, with some characters only interfere with the process of the game, and others, on the contrary, are able to provide invaluable assistance.

Professional players, who spend their time playing various slots on a regular basis, know that one of the most common situations is when two scatter symbols appear on the first two reels, followed by a spin without a third scatter.

Here are only some machines are ready to pay the total bet or even double it for the loss of two scatter symbols, while others completely ignore this combination.

What do players need to know about slots?

As mentioned above, special scatter symbols, depending on the type of slot, can have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is quite obvious that the more advantages can be found in relation to the loss of the scatter symbol, the more relevant will be the choice of a slot machine.

So, among the advantages of the scatter can be called:

For the loss of two scatter symbols anywhere on the playing field, the player has the opportunity to become the owner of the doubled bet. It is a bit worse when the player gets one total bet for two scatter symbols.

It is very important that scatter can play anywhere on the playing field. It is much worse if for a winning situation the symbols have to line up in a certain combination, most often a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.

An excellent option slots, in which three, four or five scatters is the same multiplication factor.

In slot machines of different developers scatter payouts can vary from five to five thousand total bets.

There is no doubt that it is very important for each player that the free bonus games are launched from three scatters and not from four or five.

The scatter symbol also has its drawbacks. Among them it is possible to note:

In some machines the loss of two scatter symbols do not exist any payment;

It is best to avoid slots in which the scatters should not only fall into the playing line but also be placed strictly in order. That is, in fact, the scatter symbol is used as regular symbols in this case.Often slot machines resort to the use of scatter in order to reduce the amount of payments. The features of these slots are bonus games with some symbols and free games with scatters of other symbols.
In the event that free spins are played without bonus features or an additional multiplier, it is better to bypass the slot machine and choose another slot to play.